Watchtower of Turkey

This dizzying video beautifully captures something of the intrigue and mystique that Turkey holds for me.

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This is My Hand

this is my hand my brightest diamond

Ethereal, cinematic, other-worldly. With This is My Hand Shara Worden proves that everything she touches is gold. Listen to My Brightest Diamond’s new album on NPR First Listen for the next week. 

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Shake Shack

Shake Shack Istanbul

Sometimes globalization is all right, I guess. 

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Changing of the Guard


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Saint Helen

This church was commissioned by Constantine’s mother. It stayed in continuous use until the population exchange of the 1950s.


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DSC_0213The final stop on the Orient Express. 

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Istanbul Streetz: Volume 8

DSC_0243We’ve been seeing this panda everywhere.

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