>Yesterday I played a game of Star Wars Monopoly with my buddy Darrick that lasted over four hours . Yeah, after you’ve been playing Monopoly that long things get a little crazy. I mean after we sent three other players out of the game Darrick and I were sitting around with approximately 5,000 in cash a piece, and cities (hotels in regular Monopoly) on every property that can be improved. (I know you Monopoly purists out there are wondering how every property could have a hotel when there is only 12 hotels, well we were playing by house rules and uses houses to represent hotels once we ran out.)

The new Star Wars edition offers some interesting alternative rules. For instance, double one’s mean you can move to any space on the board, and double two’s mean that you instantly collect two hundred dollars. Role boxcars and you can “duel” someone to steal one of their properties.

In the end we called it draw, mostly because there was no end in site. By this point the rules were being bent on a turn to turn basis. For instance:

Me: “You hit Alderan, with a city that’s 1,400 credits.”
Darrick: “I’ll role you for it.”
Me: “Role you for it?”
Darrick: “If I beat you, I don’t have to pay.”
Me: “What do I get if I win”
Darrick: “nothing”
(slight pause while me sleep deprived brain tries to figure that out)
Me: “ok”
(we role, I win)
Darrick: “That didn’t count!”
(we role again, this time Darrick wins)
Darrick: “Yes, I don’t have to pay.”

I ended up buying the Star Wars equivalent of the railroads from Darrick for 5,000 credits, in anyone has ever bought all four railroads for more let me know about it, because until then I’m counting it as a world record for most expensive railroads in a game of Monopoly.

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