>The Best Things in Life are Free

>Okay, so something pretty cool happened to me today.

Right around seven I was getting ready to close the store like usual when this guy comes in and explains he needs a sustain pedal for a keyboard. As it turns the guy is no other than Matt Kearney, an up and coming musical artist at Columbia Records. In fact, the sustain pedal is for a gig that night with the popular Denver based band The Fray. So Matt Kearney, who is a very likeable chap, offers to put me on the guest list (plus one), and thus my boring spring break is interrupted by a pleasant evening at Headliners Music Hall.

I, in fact, wasnot the only Boyce student who managed to acquire tickets to this highly sought after, sold out show. At the concert I ran into Billy Reddick, Stacy Reddick, Lindsey Poenie, and Dana Morris, amongst others. All agreed that it was a wonderful concert (although Billy would have prefered not to have been caressed by several obese, drunk chicks).

In addition to the pleasantry of free tickets, Matt Kearney was giving away free copies of his EP in support of his forthcoming, full length album.

It just goes to show you, it is not actually necessary to go to Florida to have a great spring break.

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2 Responses to >The Best Things in Life are Free

  1. -mike- says:

    >SWEET!How’s life, young Butterworth?

  2. -mike- says:

    >(mike <3's the fray)

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