>Wisdom Teeth

>The dreaded moment has come…

I’m not looking forward to this.


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3 Responses to >Wisdom Teeth

  1. yeahmeansyes says:

    >You’ll be okay…eventually.

  2. Noah says:

    >When I had my wisdom teeth removed, they knocked me out around 9:45 AM, and I didn’t wake up until noon. And I woke up in my parent’s bed, not the office in which my “surgery” was done. As for what happened between the surgery and my house, I have no idea. Then I couldn’t eat anything solid for like a week. And it hurt so bad. But be of good cheer! I’m sure your experience will be fine…

  3. yeahmeansyes says:

    >I still have a blog. The URL has just changed that’s all. http://onlygraham.blogspot.com

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