>Culture Shock

>I’m in Siem Reap right now, home of Angkor Wat, which is about five hours north of Phnom Phen.

Our group is staying at a four star hotel, which for me is a very difficult transition from villages with no electricity.

While everyone else is talking about how nice everything is (the spa, the pool, massages, facials, et cetera), I just can’t enjoy all of these luxeries.

Last night Dal and Alex (who also share my sentiments) found little noodle shop on a side street a couple blocks from the hotel. Open air, no AC, and fruit smoothies for 50 cents. That’s my definition of luxery.


About mjbutterworth

I love drinking/making coffee, making/listening to music, riding bicycles, and reading about theology. I also like blogs that talk about those things. Most of all, I love Jesus because his gospel has changed my life.
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