>The Ringing Bell Tour

>I’m at Quills, bright and early, for the third day in a row. Actually, it’s dark and early, which is kind of depressing. Hopefully I’ll get this research paper done today.

Anyway, the Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken show was absolutely fantastic. I was helping out at their merch table, but I still got to catch a lot of the show including some of my favorites such as Thy Mercy, My God; King and a Kingdom; and a New Law. Derek and Sandra played with each other practically all night, so it was kind of like the Webb Family band. The atmosphere was very cozy- even though there wasn’t an empty seat in the house it still felt like they were playing in a living room for a few friends.

At the merch table, I spent some time hanging out with Jordan Brooke, a close friend of Sandra and Derek who did the art/design for The Builder and the Architect and Gravity Love. Check out some of her other work here, it’s really good.

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1 Response to >The Ringing Bell Tour

  1. Noah says:

    >I’m glad you got to be there. I really wanted to go. Oh well! Hope things are going well. I am actually temporarily back at my parent’s house in Indy. I hope to eventually make it back to L-ville in November. Hope to see you soon.

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