>Cold Weather Survival

>The winter months can be hard on a bicycle commuter. This is my third winter in Louisville and the coldest one yet. But with the right fashion know-how, it’s possible to survive the worst Louisville has to offer.

When it comes to commuting, a scarf goes from fashionable accessory to the difference between life and death. Well that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but having a thoroughly insulated neck and chin makes a big difference.

A good base layer is also a must. I have a pair of ventilated athletic leggings that are pretty amazing. Some days I leave them on for my entire shift. However. there’s nothing wrong with kicking it old school and rocking the long underwear either.

For below freezing days a good thermal face mask can really take the bite off of the cold. You can get one in the hunting/outdoors section of most sporting goods stores. Be sure to choose neutral gang colors, but a bandanna tied old west style can also do the trick.

Finally, a zip-up hoody can be layered with almost any jacket, even another hoody . There’s no such thing as too many hoodies.

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2 Responses to >Cold Weather Survival

  1. Bolo says:

    >Reminds me of my days of windowless commuting 🙂

  2. Ella says:

    >I know this is a very practical post but I laughed the entire way through it, especially the part about gang colors. 🙂

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