>The Trip So Far

>Here’s some quick highlights from the trip so far.

Chicago sucks… well at least the airport. Spending eight hours on a plane seemed like a relief after being there.

The London airport is pretty classy– and expensive. Buying enough pound to buy breakfast (7 pounds) set me back $20 bucks.

Istanbul. Amazing city. Today I learned how to use the train system (a reliable, efficient mass transit system dating back to the mid nineteenth century– take note, American urban centers). We took the ferry across the Bosphorus to the Asian side. From the boat it was possible to catch a really good view of the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

I also met over twenty different people today, so I am trying to keep a lot of names straight, both American and Turkish. I am living with a Turkish family so hopefully I will learn to speak some more Turkish, though at this point it is slow going.

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