>Istanbul’s train system has redefined claustrophobia for me. However, despite being snuggled in tighter than the front of a mosh pit, I love it. It amazes me that I have only been here three days and I am traveling all over a city of 17 million people by myself.

So far I have crossed the Bosphorus river every day. While the commuting Turks around me seem to view it as sheer drudgery, I find it to be quite relaxing. A shot of Turkish tea is about 30 cents so I like to sip a cup on the way over.

I attended two worship services today. One in Turkish, a charming and growing C-2 community called İmmanuel Protestant Church, and another in English, an church for internationals called Hope İnternational (not associated with the cult, The Way İnternational). I think I will attend the latter every week.

So far my Gluten Intolerance has not proved to be a problem so that is good.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me. Your prayers are coveted.

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