>Okay. I am back in the United States of America.

Re-entry can definitely be a bit difficult at times- it’s almost like I expected my life to be on pause while I was gone, and would pick up exactly where I left off two months ago.

Obviously, that is not the case. While I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all off my friends, there is much that happened while I was gone, and trying to catch up on everything feels like information overload. Likewise, I am still trying to process and reflect on my experience in Turkey.

Nevertheless, returning to Louisville has been an joyful occasion.

A large group of friends were there at the airport to greet me at midnight when my plane landed Tuesday night. Despite being incredibly sleep deprived and grungy, I couldn’t help have the dorkiest grin on my face to see their great love for me- its pretty humbling.

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1 Response to >Re-adjustment

  1. Greg says:

    >MJ, glad your back man… I’m going to Turkey in a few months. Would love to get together to chat about your trip!ggblog.wordpress.com

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