>Barca Advances, Chelsea Still Sucks

Barcelona FC, my second favorite football team, drew 1-1 yesterday against Chelsea FC, advancing on tie-breaker to the Champions League Final where they will face English powerhouse Manchester United. Andres Iniesta’s tying goal came in the third minute of stoppage time when many Barca supporters, including myself and Coach Pep Guardiola had already given up hope. Not surprisingly, Chelsea, Didier Drogba in particular, demonstrated a shockingly offensive display of poor sportsmanship, blaming Referee Tom Henning Ovrebo for the loss. Evidently the Blues seemed to have forgotten it was Ovrebo’s completely fallacious red card early in the game that put Barcelona a man down for most of the second half.

The win comes has a huge relief for me. Having seen Chelsea tear apart my beloved Liverpool in the last round, I’m not sure I could have recovered from Barca also falling to the Blues.


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