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>Old School Monasticism

>I am currently reading The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard and came across this bazar account of the ascetic Simeon Stylites (AD 309-459). “[He] built a column six feet high in the Syrian desert and lived on it for some … Continue reading

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>mewithoutYou "A Stick, a Carrot, & a String"

>Around a month ago I posted this entry, about my favorite track from mewithoutYou’s most recent album. Anyway, I have listened to the album pretty consistently since then and I have been repeatedly drawn to the track “A Stick, a … Continue reading

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>I love this band


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>Quote of the Day

>”Love to God disposes men to see his hand in everything; to own him as the governor of the world, and the director of providence; and to acknowledge his disposal in everything that takes place. And the fact that the … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday Dabo!

>This weekend was the much anticipated visit from Davy, Kenny, and Terry who drove up from the ‘Ville to check out Veritas and celebrate Davy’s 20th birthday.  In addition to showing them my favorite coffee shops, cafes, and stores, Kenny … Continue reading

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>Wow. So epic.   Man, I want to go to this.  I mean espresso beverages and Sigur Ros are probably both on my TOATs and GOATs list in their respective fields.  Toto, you want to come? I mean, you already … Continue reading

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>Wide Rosetta

> Kenny busts out one of the best I’ve seen… thankfully the cameras were rollin’.

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>Nietzsche on Morality and Aesthetics

>I am reading through Thus Spake Zarathustra and found this quote particularly disturbing… mostly because how many of my generation have so fully embraced it. “Many Lands saw Zarathustra, and many people; thus he discovered the good and bad of … Continue reading

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>From the Library of…

>I found this online and immediately broke the ninth commandment…. no wait, I mean tenth. Anyway, anyone who has yet to get my a graduation present can feel free to do so. I am thinking the text will say, “From … Continue reading

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>Just Do Something

>The will of God. In many evangelical circles it is seen as some quasi-gnostic secret knowledge that only the faithful discover.  What does God want me to do for a living? Who should I marry? Where should I go to … Continue reading

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