>Happy Birthday Dabo!

>This weekend was the much anticipated visit from Davy, Kenny, and Terry who drove up from the ‘Ville to check out Veritas and celebrate Davy’s 20th birthday.  In addition to showing them my favorite coffee shops, cafes, and stores, Kenny and I finally launched this blog– a concept that we have been developing for a long time.  Hopefully it will be the first of many more posts to come. 

On a oddly enough related note I smell like a cross between John Letoto and Chris Heiniger right now- like maybe they both wrestled each other after an extended run.  The reason? Davy brought me the unofficial official Sojourn bike jersey that both individuals have been using in my absence.  Davy did not have time to wash it- but that did not dissuade me from wearing it to this evening’s Monday night ride.
Also a special day-late shout out goes to my Dad, whose Birthday coincided with Father’s Day this year… so technically should be getting a double present in the mail- though more likely (and accurately) will be getting both birds killed with a single proverbial stone.  Love Ya! 

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1 Response to >Happy Birthday Dabo!

  1. Bolo says:

    >For the record, I had to soak that thing for over 48 hours in a solution of detergent and water before the Heiniger smell got out. Believe me, you don't smell like Heiniger right now. That's a really really really good thing.

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