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>Sojournings: Reflections on Communion

> Exodus 24:9-11 9 Then Moses and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel went up, 10 and they saw the God of Israel. There was under his feet as it were a pavement of sapphire … Continue reading

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>Abram or Abraham?

>Abraham, worth a righteous one.Take up on the wood,put it on your son.Lake or lamb.There is none to harm.When the angel came,you had raised your arm. Abraham, put off on your son.Take instead the ramuntil Jesus comes-Sufjan Stevens, “Abraham” Abram, … Continue reading

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>Quote of the Day

>”Beth Moore is like a walking third edition.” – My Greek prof., discussing Exegetical Fallacies (2nd Edition) by D.A. Carson. 

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>This is how I feel about coffee

>”Pleasures of Appreciation are very different.  They make us feel that something has not merely gratified our senses in fact but claimed our appreciation by right. The connoisseur does not merely enjoy his claret as he might enjoy warming his … Continue reading

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>Gluten Free Food Review: Dr. Lucy’s Cookies

>I always am nervous trying new gluten free specialty food.  A lot of it taste horrible, all of it is expensive, and with a lot of brands jumping on the GF brand wagon, it can be difficult to find the elusive … Continue reading

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>Better late than never concert reflection

>I had a dream last week that after the mewithoutYou concert in Covington Michael and Aaron Weiss came over to Drew and I and thanked us for coming.  I checked with Drew and that didn’t actually happened, but it was … Continue reading

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>Just saw this on The Rex.  It’s good to be reminded that being able to trackstand at traffic lights isn’t that special.  

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>Winners Sometimes Quit

>I started a new job as a barista yesterday. I have decided that today was my last day. Without disclosing too many details, I discovered this ostensibly progressive Bohemian coffee house was not the sort of business with which I … Continue reading

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>Assertive Cycling

>The latest issue of the Leo has a very good editorial by Jackie Green, co-owner of The Bike Courier, an area favorite bike store and courier service. I found his recommendations for surviving in Louisville traffic very beneficial:“Ride 4 feet … Continue reading

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>Wendell Berry on Tobacco

>”[Tobacco] is, to some extent, a red herring. In calling attention to the dangers of one kind of addiction, the tobacco controversy distracts from the much greater danger that we are an addictive society- that our people are rushing from … Continue reading

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