>Better late than never concert reflection

>I had a dream last week that after the mewithoutYou concert in Covington Michael and Aaron Weiss came over to Drew and I and thanked us for coming. 

I checked with Drew and that didn’t actually happened, but it was a great show nevertheless. 
Damien Jurado seemed to not be especially amused playing after the Psalters, but his set alone was the worth the drive.  “Ohio” remains one of my favorite songs and I was very glad he played it.
I am not against smoking, but I am against smoking inside a crowded music venue. Its mostly just rude, especially towards pregnant women. Michael Weiss concurred. 
The Mad Hatter is a horrible venue and I hope a band I want to see never plays there again. 
The Weiss Bros. put on a great show sans the rest of the band. The whole schtick was very sing-songy but that isn’t undesirable in my opinion.  It was my second time seeing Aaron perform but my first with Michael and I felt the sibling chemistry helped carry the show. 
It saddens me that I never got a chance to see the mewithoutYou that I fell in love with: unabashed, stream-of-conscious emoting/spiritual musing over chaotic guitar riffs. But I’m also glad the Weiss Bros. aren’t living in the past. 

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