>Gluten Free Food Review: Dr. Lucy’s Cookies

>I always am nervous trying new gluten free specialty food.  A lot of it taste horrible, all of it is expensive, and with a lot of brands jumping on the GF brand wagon, it can be difficult to find the elusive baked good that is delicious in its own right and not merely an imitation. 

Recognizing the difficulty, I’ve undertaken the task of trying to discover all the best brands and posting my findings here. 
Naturally, I am starting with cookies. 

These caught my eye at Whole Foods recently, mostly because of the trendy packaging.  Most GF food looks like it was packaged in the late 80s, so I figured if Dr. Lucy’s paid as much attention to flavor as aesthetics, they should be at least edible, (unlike the wretched Pamala’s prepackaged cookies of which only the double-chocolate chunk are fit for consumption).  I choose the chocolate chip cookies, which experienced celiacs know is one of the more challenging GF recipes. 
The product did not disappoint.  They had a nice crisp texture and the classic chocolate chip taste.  It was a little oaty, but well worth the $4.50 price tag in my estimation.  I would love to see more brands of this quality. 

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