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>Sufjan unveils new song!

> Is this Sufjan’s new direction? Not his most accessible work ever, but seems to be part of a discernible trajectory in light of his previous work. Can’t wait to hear about what LP this might be part of.

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>G.K. Beale on Christ and the Church as the True Temple

>”To see Christ and the church as the true end-time temple is neither an allegorical spiritualization of the Old Testament temple nor of prophecies of an eschatological temple, but is an identification of the temple’s real meaning. While it is … Continue reading

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>Quote of the Day

>”It comes from espresso plants… I think.” -Starbucks barista to J. Badgley, when asked about the origin of their ‘Spro.

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>God Help the Girl

> I can’t wait until they release the full length film!

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>Birthday List

> The anniversary of my birth is approaching, and some of my readers might be interested in buying me a present to commemorate the occasion. So as a service to you I thought I might compile some items that I … Continue reading

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>I drink a lot of coffee. I talk a lot about coffee. And the fact that I used to work in an independent coffee shop gives me some cred among the caffeinated proletariat, but my more informed aficionado friends are … Continue reading

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Terry Wright on the Johannine Prologue

“If the opening verses of the Prologue allude to its Genesis counterparts, then its latter section, 1:14-18, may be said to find its antecedent in Exodus 33-34, where Moses met with God’s presence insight the tent of meeting and there … Continue reading

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>Christian Scenesters

>Even if you have never heard the term before, those of you with similar cultural backgrounds as me (i.e. went through a period of white middle class alternative music angst) will probably instantly understand the term “christcore.” Well for those … Continue reading

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>Quote of the Day?

>”A meaning means something for somebody in a given situation.” -Charles Sanders Pierce, pragmatist philosopher.

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>Space is Cool

>The English language doesn’t have a superlative for these pictures. They makes me miss living in a small mountain town with no light pollution. They also make me glad I am a creationist; I have someone to thank when I … Continue reading

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