Terry Wright on the Johannine Prologue

“If the opening verses of the Prologue allude to its Genesis counterparts, then its latter section, 1:14-18, may be said to find its antecedent in Exodus 33-34, where Moses met with God’s presence insight the tent of meeting and there beheld God’s glory (Ex. 33:9, 11a, 18-20, 34:29, 33-35). John suggests that Jesus, the Word made flesh, has surpasses and superseded Moses and all that he represented: Jesus himself is the ‘place’ where God’s people meet with him (cf. John 1:14); Jesus himself is ‘full of grace and truth’, whereas only the law was given through Moses (John 1:14, 17); Jesus himself is the one facing (pros) God the the father as his Son, making him known, whereas Moses could only see God’s back (John 1:18, Exodus 33:23).

Terry J. Wright, “How is Christ Present in the World?”

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I love drinking/making coffee, making/listening to music, riding bicycles, and reading about theology. I also like blogs that talk about those things. Most of all, I love Jesus because his gospel has changed my life.
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