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>Christian Scenesters

>Even if you have never heard the term before, those of you with similar cultural backgrounds as me (i.e. went through a period of white middle class alternative music angst) will probably instantly understand the term “christcore.” Well for those … Continue reading

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>Quote of the Day?

>”A meaning means something for somebody in a given situation.” -Charles Sanders Pierce, pragmatist philosopher.

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>Space is Cool

>The English language doesn’t have a superlative for these pictures. They makes me miss living in a small mountain town with no light pollution. They also make me glad I am a creationist; I have someone to thank when I … Continue reading

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>Shoes Tied Tight

>Toms has released a shoe with laces. We all knew this was inevitable after seeing Blake Mycoskie on an AT&T commercial. Not everyone can be convinced to pay $50 for a slipper. It looks good, but I feel it would … Continue reading

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>Providence: Framing the Discussion

>While discussing the Arminian view of providence in class Dr. Ware raised an interesting point. Traditionally, Arminian theologians (or Arminian Christians in general) tend to find Limited Atonement the greatest fault in the Reformed model of providence. Understandably, they are … Continue reading

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>El Salvador

> El Salvador Cup of Excellence brewed in a Chemex. Delicious and ironic considering the U.S’s victory over the El Salvador national team yesterday.

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>Random Reflection

>I finished my first thought-flow diagram on 1 John today (which I keep wanting to call a “flought throw diagram”). Time-consuming, tedious, and challenging work, but very edifying. I am proposing we change the name of Club 2029 to the … Continue reading

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