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>John Sanders on Simple Foreknowledge

>“Once God has foreknowledge that Lincoln will be assassinated, God can do nothing to prevent it.” -John Sanders, in “Be Wary of Ware: A Reply to Bruce Ware.” This is a really good point, and beautifully illustrates why I don’t … Continue reading

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>Although I was successful in beating the rain to Quills, I was not as successful in waiting the storm out at Quills, so it was a very wet ride home. Thankfully I always keep a back fender on my bike. … Continue reading

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>Moore on Communion

> “The common cup is, well, gross to many Christians because they don’t like the idea of drinking after strangers. That’s just the point. You’re not drinking after strangers. You’re drinking after your own flesh and blood, your family. And … Continue reading

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>I recently found out that Tom Schreiner, a renown New Testament scholar and professor at SBTS, reserves superlatives like “extraordinary” and “astonishing” exclusively to talk about Jesus Christ and the gospel. This makes a lot of sense. The good news … Continue reading

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>Tim Keller is a Baller

>It would be a really good idea to download and listen to these and these.

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>I’ve split the last 3 weeks between 4 cities… I’m starting to feel like a professional vagabond, perhaps of the traveling Bible salesman variety (cf. O’Conner and O’Neal.). Makes me sort of glad the whole professional musician thing never really … Continue reading

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>The Fourth M

>Three obvious mistakes that made what should have been an easy, delicious coffee beverage barely drinkable. 1. Pre-ground espresso. This causes all sorts of problems, the release of co2 being one of them (i.e. no crema!) 2. Too light of … Continue reading

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> “The weight of gold and silver will capture even the passage of time herself. So one could find, within the visual space created by gold and silver, a moment of eternity.” -Matazo Kayama “The problem that I could not … Continue reading

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>Name the City

>abcdefghFirst person to identify every city gets a prize. Partial credit for each right answer. Some cities appear more than once.

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>Fall Reading Daze

> I acquired several books over Fall Reading Days (which is ironic considering we are supposed to be reading assigned reading during our break). Perhaps the book I am most excited about is Refractions, which is a collection of essays … Continue reading

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