>John Sanders on Simple Foreknowledge

>“Once God has foreknowledge that Lincoln will be assassinated, God can do nothing to prevent it.”

-John Sanders, in “Be Wary of Ware: A Reply to Bruce Ware.”

This is a really good point, and beautifully illustrates why I don’t believe in simple foreknowledge. However, contra Sanders, I believe in meticulous sovereignty, thus God’s knowledge of future events includes his exhaustive control of everything that happens.

I would be interested to hear an Arminian response that doesn’t appeal to middle knowledge. Any takers?

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2 Responses to >John Sanders on Simple Foreknowledge

  1. Laura says:

    >Dude, can we just talk about how Middle Knowledge doesn't solve the problem? Whether there are an infinite number of possible worlds or just one, God's knowledge of the future MUST mean control, or he becomes a back-alley psychic with a folding table and a pack of Tarot cards. I just don't get it as a serious theological construct.

  2. michael says:

    >It's true. Middle knowledge only makes sense if you hold to compatibilism. Sorry Plantiga/Craig.

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