>Ville Be Jammin

>Tonight was the first ever Louisville Barista Jam hosted by Java’s own Sarah W (of Cabin fame). Toto brought over his syphon/siphon set up and gave a very educational and tasty demonstration. Kenny gave some pointers for aspiring latte artists which led to a throw-down, which I believe was won by a well-infused rossetta poured by Darren Jennings, Sunergos’s newest employee. Chuck led a blind taste testing which included local roasts and beans from leading shops all across the U.S., notably Intelligentsia and Velton. At least five shops were represented and clearly everyone had a great time.

Hopefully the first of many more to come!

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1 Response to >Ville Be Jammin

  1. Bolo says:

    >Nope, Chuck won the throwdown, not Darj.

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