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>Quote of the Day

>”I don’t know if panel discussions are ever helpful.” -Aaron Hung

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>Quote of the Day

>”There is an indeterminacy on the level of our conscious experience irrespective of any indeterminacy at the level of the brian.” -Donald Mackay

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>The Bitter Irony of the Service Industry

>Proposition 1: The more people that come into my coffee shop at once, the longer it is going to take to get each person their drink. Proposition 2: The more people I make drinks for at once, the harder I … Continue reading

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>Osso and the BQE at 21c

>Brooklyn-based string quartet Osso performed a selection of songs from their album Run Rabbit Run at 21c last night. The album is a re-envisioning of Sufjan’s obscure second album, Enjoy Your Rabbit, an advent garde instrumental electronica project which has … Continue reading

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>Evangelical Mavericks

>Our old friends at Carver 319 have out grown their dormitory days and are now blogging as Evangelical Mavericks, an apt moniker to be sure. It hasn’t even been a week and they already have put out some stimulating material. … Continue reading

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