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>Bonus Resolution

>I forgot this resolution yesterday: Start writing music again. Music was not a significant part of my life in 2009. In 2010 things will be different.

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>This post is in anticipation of dancing tomorrow night away. Previously I have only made fairly arbitrary New Year’s Resolutions, like not drink soda pop for a year. Seeing as I should be putting off childish ways by now I’m … Continue reading

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>Newbigin on Contextualization

>”The Gospel is addressed to human beings, to their minds and hearts and consciences, and calls for response. Human beings only exist as members of communities which share a common language, customs, ways of ordering economic and social life, ways … Continue reading

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>Hometown Homiletic

>When Jesus returned to his hometown to teach in the synagogue, they tried to throw him over a cliff after his message. Well I got to preach at my parents church this morning, and thankfully no one tried to toss … Continue reading

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>Advent Pictures


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>I remember when I used to be into nostalgia

>Amazingly, I’m back in Arizona for the first time in 2009. I am hoping this homecoming will be an opportunity to find quiet and solitude for spiritual contemplation and reflection. I am preparing to enter to a very new stage … Continue reading

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>Integrity as a Barista

>There’s a customer at my coffee shop who has got the system beat. She always gets a small coffee in a medium cup, which puzzled me until I noticed her at the condiment stand, topping off her cup with cream … Continue reading

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>Plausibility Structures and the Gospel

>”As a Christian I seek so to live within the biblical tradition, using its language as my language, its models as the models through which I make sense of my experience, its story as the clue to my story, that … Continue reading

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>Pigeon Holes

>I just took a mandatory personality test. For the record, I think they’re shallow and generally unhelpful. Take for instance this actual question: At parties do you: #1. Sometimes get bored. #2. Always have a good time. If anyone chooses … Continue reading

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>WRL: Resurrection of the Son of God by Wright

>Having polished off my first semester at SBTS, I now am free to pursue my now annual tradition of the Winter Reading List (WRL). First up is finishing The Resurrection of the Son of God by N. T. Wright. I … Continue reading

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