>I remember when I used to be into nostalgia

>Amazingly, I’m back in Arizona for the first time in 2009.

I am hoping this homecoming will be an opportunity to find quiet and solitude for spiritual contemplation and reflection. I am preparing to enter to a very new stage of life in 2010 and it has never seemed as imperative to seek the Lord while he can be found.

Now that I am five years out from high school graduation there is less and less to be nostalgic about anyway.


About mjbutterworth

I love drinking/making coffee, making/listening to music, riding bicycles, and reading about theology. I also like blogs that talk about those things. Most of all, I love Jesus because his gospel has changed my life.
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One Response to >I remember when I used to be into nostalgia

  1. laceylou says:

    >Funny. Just this morning I was mentally preparing a post of my top five most nostalgic songs. Home and holidays always have a way of stirring up the past. The BGGs are praying for you and all that's in the near future. 🙂

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