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>Plausibility Structures and the Gospel

>”As a Christian I seek so to live within the biblical tradition, using its language as my language, its models as the models through which I make sense of my experience, its story as the clue to my story, that … Continue reading

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>Pigeon Holes

>I just took a mandatory personality test. For the record, I think they’re shallow and generally unhelpful. Take for instance this actual question: At parties do you: #1. Sometimes get bored. #2. Always have a good time. If anyone chooses … Continue reading

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>WRL: Resurrection of the Son of God by Wright

>Having polished off my first semester at SBTS, I now am free to pursue my now annual tradition of the Winter Reading List (WRL). First up is finishing The Resurrection of the Son of God by N. T. Wright. I … Continue reading

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>Gluten Free Food Review: Opera Cake by Cake Flour

>I have some pretty exciting news for celiacs in the Louisville area. My place of employment, Java Brewing Company, is now carrying a monthly gluten-free pastry, which for December is an opera cake by local bakery Cake Flour. “Decadent” is … Continue reading

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>Newbigin on Community and Hermenuetics

>”The Bible is not a collection of documents recently dug up in the sands of Egypt. It is quite “unscientific” to treat it is it were. The Bible comes into our hands as the book of a community, and neither … Continue reading

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>The clean aesthetic of this cappuccino cup is almost as delightful as the delicious contents. And the feel? “Balanced” is putting it lightly. Good job Intelli.

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>The Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Academia

>I turned in the final paper of my first masters class yesterday. The joyous occasion was slightly denigrated when I pricked my thumb on the staple and bled all over my title page. The irony is that I had already … Continue reading

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