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>Virginia is for (Nature) Lovers


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>Bike Snob on 3rd Wave Coffee

>My favorite online cultural commentator, Bike Snob NYC, recently offered a rather biting critique of third wave coffee in New York. As a bike-loving coffee snob, I love seeing cross-polination between my rather esoteric interests- even if it isn’t always … Continue reading

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>Fact of the Day

>It’s much harder to understand another country’s political system when one hasn’t extensively studied one’s own.

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>Wright on Luke 24

>”The first meal mentioned in the Bible is the moment when Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit. The direct result is new and unwelcome knowledge: ‘the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked’. … Continue reading

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>Wright on Matthew 28:18-20

>”The final promise, that Jesus will be with his people ‘until the close of the age”, belongs closely within the ‘two-age’ stream of Pharisaic/rabbinic Judaism, and also of early Christianity, particularly Paul. The point here is that the ‘age to … Continue reading

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