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>I’ve started taking an intensive language class here and I already love it. My teacher is basically a genius because she teaches without using any English (almost) and I’ve already learned more Turkish in two days than I have learned … Continue reading

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>Sociologists claim almost every culture on earth has a traditional hot drink. However in Turkey, çay (pronounced like “chai”, though it bears no similarity to the sweet American coffee house drink- sans the minimal tea content in the latter) is … Continue reading

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>1. Found a gluten-free section at a grocery store near my house. It’s really expensive, but it’s good to know that option is available. 2. Went to a Henna Party, which is sort of like a pre-wedding reception/coed bridal shower. … Continue reading

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> Recently I’ve felt incredibly blessed to be alive. This past weekend I was able to visit Kapadokya (the biblical Cappadocia) with ten amazing friends. The weekend was packed with exploring ruins, eating great Turkish food, and cruising the ancient … Continue reading

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>Cultural Mistakes

>1. Yesterday I found out I’ve been mispronouncing the word for water… contrary to popular American practice “su” is not “Sue”. 2. My electricity was turned off today due to an error in processing my bill. Thankfully I have Turkish-speaking … Continue reading

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> Istanbul is my new home. Istanbul is called büyükşehır, the Great City, which is an apt nickname because it’s so overwhelmingly large it’s impossible to think of it as one city. Each of Istanbul’s 39 districts basically function as … Continue reading

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