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>When I left America 5 months ago I said goodbye indefinitely. In order to integrate into my new community, I was resolved to leave as much of my culture behind as possible. Although I knew I’ll always be an outsider, … Continue reading

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>Wright on Parallelisms in Luke and Acts

>”The shape of the narrative in the closing chapters of Acts is also most instructive. A quick comparison with Luke’s gospel reveals a close parallel: Paul, like Jesus, goes on a long journey, ending up being tried before both Jews … Continue reading

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>The Best of Beantown

>It’s nice having people visiting from Boston.

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>All Delighted People

>Just when I had given up all hope on a new Sufjan album (largely due to interviews like this one where Sufjan basically says he isn’t making new albums), the elusive song-writer and indie-demigod drops a digital Pearl-Harbor of an … Continue reading

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>Mış Muş

>Gossip is pretty much ubiquitous. Every place on earth there’s more than 2 people, people enjoy talking about people who aren’t there. Also people are bad so they sometimes say bad things about the people who aren’t there. In Turkey, … Continue reading

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>I brewed the last little bit of my Counter Culture Guatemala iced, so refreshing in this humid 33 C heat. Kind of scary to be out of (drinkable) coffee, but glad to know some of Louisville and Phoenix’s best is … Continue reading

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>Wright on New Creation

>”the Jews who believed in resurrection did so as one part of a larger belief in the renewal of the whole created order. Resurrection would be, in one and the same moment, the reaffirmation of the covenant and the reaffirmation … Continue reading

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>I’m going to miss this girl. A lot. Bu kızı özlüyorum. Çok.

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>Ayder, Trabzon, and Beyond

> This past weekend some dear friends and I journeyed to northeastern Turkey, where we explored hidden waterfalls, jumped off of bridges, and helped a French man move rocks up a mountain (it was part of his “spiritual journey”). It … Continue reading

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