>I brewed the last little bit of my Counter Culture Guatemala iced, so refreshing in this humid 33 C heat. Kind of scary to be out of (drinkable) coffee, but glad to know some of Louisville and Phoenix’s best is on the way. Kahve geliyor!

Really been enjoying playing “Treats” by Sleighbells as my get-motivated-for-a-full-day-0f-Turkish-class soundtrack on the train every morning. A lot of fellow mass transit commuters must be wondering why my head is bobbing so early in the morning. The answer is infectious beats my friends.
Speaking of Turkish class, I’m finally learning conditional clauses, something I’ve longed to be able to say for a while now. Türkçe öğrenirsen, çok pratik yap!
After what’s been essentially a 4 year hiatus, I’ve decided to start writing poetry again. Not sure how it’s going to turn out now that I’ve lost most of my brooding teenage angst.
Been enjoying reading T.S. Elliot, Orhan Pamuk, and N.T. Wright lately- when there is time, which isn’t often.

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