>My favorite source for English-language news about Turkey is Hurriyet Daily News. Although their editorials often come across as naive and pedantic and their sports coverage is comparable to CBS, they typically have a handle on happenings across Turkey worth promoting.

For example:

I was fortunate enough to see U2 last Monday. Shockingly, Bono had a lot of political things to say, mostly involving complicated names I’d never heard of (and speaking for the Turkish names involved- horribly mispronounced as well- even Prime Minster Erdoğan). Anyway, I was glad that Hürriyet evidently had a reporter on the case who was able to decipher all the obscure references. Bono even wrote the paper a letter after the show.

When I noticed at Istanbul’s Forum shopping mall that an H&M was coming soon (much to my pseudo-hipster excitement)- I wasn’t surprised when I discovered Hurriyet had already run a feature about the trendy-but-affordable Swedish fashion retailer.

Also, the best Türk Kahvesi I’ve yet to have drunk is from Mandabatmaz, which is tucked away on a tiny alley off Istiklal Caddesi. How did I discover this gem? The Hürriyet sponsored food blog Istanbul Eats.

So thank you Hürriyet, that I can stay informed about contemporary events in my country of residence with only an elementary understanding of Turkish. That being said, don’t be afraid to work on your sports coverage.


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