London Coffee: Part 2

Day 2 in London I was joined by two good friends that I met in Istanbul, Chris and Jana, both of who now work in the UK.

[Jana poses with her Flat White.]

[Chris enjoys his cake]

First stop: Tapped and Packed. Although they repeatedly came up in my research about London coffee shops, I didn’t initially plan to check them out. However, they came highly recommended from Kaffeine and the fact that the serve coffee from 3 different UK roasters was enticing.

After finding their shop in the ultra-trendy Fitzrovia neighborhood (the shop’s sign only has it’s address on it, which is kind of tricky). I ordered a pour-over of the seasonal single origin selection, a Costa Rica Finca de Licho from Has Bean, and a shot of the house espresso, which is roasted by Climpson & Sons. The Costa Rica was honey sweet with notes of strawberries and raspberries – honestly the most exciting coffee I’ve had in a while. The espresso was great too, but was definitely overshadowed by how much I enjoyed the pour-over. Chris ordered a giant piece of cake with his coffee and Jana had a flat white (which I also ended up drinking a good deal of).

Next up was Flat White, a cafe in SoHo that helped pioneer the new wave in the mid 2000s. I ordered a shot of their espresso, which is a custom blend from Square Mile. It was good, but I think it probably was better suited for milk. Next time I’ll be sure to order their namesake.

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1 Response to London Coffee: Part 2

  1. Julie says:

    >what a wonderful glimpse of your trip – love the photo blogs and your captions. my only question is why in the world would jana not want to drink all of that wonderful flat white? or did she have much choice in the matter ;)?

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