>Christmas in Copenhagen

>It’s after Thanksgiving, which means it’s okay to start (openly) listening to Christmas music, decorate the house, and subtlety drop hints about reasonably priced present ideas when talking with friends. I’ve been listening to Sufjan’s Christmas albums (of course), Sojourn’s Advent Songs, and Vince’s Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas; I haven’t put our tree up (maybe after my Turkish test on Friday?); and Peter Pan Peanut Butter is pretty much a commodity in my part of the world.

Sadly, this Christmas will mark the first time I will not be with my (biological) family for the holidays. But thankfully some good friends in Denmark are hosting me and a few expat friends in Copenhagen. While I don’t think we’ll be spending $200 at voted-best-restaurant-in-the-world Noma it’s my ambition to visit:
  • The Coffee Collective, an innovative group that’s doing wonderful things in the specialty coffee industry.
  • The Louisiana Museum, which hosts a impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.
  • Malmo, Sweden. A charming nordic city with cool cafes and architecture that will also bring my total countries-visited count up double digits.

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