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The Coffee Collective

As an American, my concept of Europe has always been like a fairytale land. There are real castles, royal families, and enough smugness to make the untraveled Yankee feel like he stepped into a story where everyone is better educated … Continue reading

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>Merry Christmas!

>Merry Christmas to the 5 of my readers who will find this funny. A Crafty Christmas from Brendan Inkognito on Vimeo.

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>It was the worse (day before) Christmas (Eve) Ever! Part 1

>The trip so far: Our trip to Copenhagen for Christmas began with our flight being delayed an hour in Istanbul. It was mildly frustrating at the time, especially because I wanted to experience as much of the city as possible … Continue reading

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>Wright on Mark 13

>”Most popular Christian readings of the text, not least within fundamentalism, have shared Schweitzer’s understanding that Jesus predicted the end of the world, but have said that, since this did not happen within a generation, Jesus must have meant something … Continue reading

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>Skate Istanbul

>I started skateboarding in the 6th grade, broke my arm 50/50ing a curb in the 8th grade, but stuck with it until my junior/senior year when playing music became a more viable means of impressing girls. My roommate Seth has … Continue reading

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Top 5 of ’10

I feel completely uncomfortable trying to make a “best albums of 2010” list- I have not listened to enough albums to make any such pretensions. More so, I realize I’ve spent most my life developing a highly specified- and dare … Continue reading

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>Too Much

> Sufjan has a monopoly on cool

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My messenger bag recently developed a small hole so I did my best to mend it by hand with a needle and some red thread that matched the trim nicely. It was a rather amateurish job, and I’m quite certain … Continue reading

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>Revelation is an amazing book. Unfortunately, most evangelicals either abuse it with preposterous interpretations or completely ignore it in fear of being like those other guys. This is really a shame because Revelation is a bookend for the entire canon, … Continue reading

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