>Revelation is an amazing book. Unfortunately, most evangelicals either abuse it with preposterous interpretations or completely ignore it in fear of being like those other guys. This is really a shame because Revelation is a bookend for the entire canon, tying together numerous strands of biblical theology. Also it’s about Jesus, which makes it really important.

Thankfully my church, Sojourn, is trying to find a third way. Starting today, Sojourn is working through the book of Revelation, wrapping up a year-long overview of the entire New Testament. In keeping with the cinematic feel/apocalyptic genre of Revelation, this month’s devotional is in comic book form. It’s very cool.

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2 Responses to >Revelation

  1. >third wave? is sojourn a coffee shop?

  2. michael says:

    >Well Sojourn does have free coffee at all their gatherings.

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