The Coffee Collective

As an American, my concept of Europe has always been like a fairytale land. There are real castles, royal families, and enough smugness to make the untraveled Yankee feel like he stepped into a story where everyone is better educated and impeccably dressed.

Such presuppositions certainly carried over into my thoughts about the Coffee Collective, the Copenhagen based roaster and coffee bar. Having followed their blog for several years now, I was already a huge fan before I took a sip. The Coffee Collective belonged with Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales and free health care, wonderful ideas that don’t actually exist.

Amazingly the Coffee Collective is a real place in a real neighborhood and anyone, even regular people, can have a cup of coffee there…. and it’s really good.

Highlights of my visit:

  • Meeting two fellow coffee pilgrims, Haley and Neil, from the UK. It was wonderful to talk with other people that love coffee so much that they flew to another country to taste it. Haley runs a coffee shop in Norwich called The Window. It serves Hasbean coffee (delicious!) and looks lovely.
  • An Aeropress of their La Esmeralda Special. Honestly one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. Super clean with a honey-like body. Tons of floral and fruit notes my limited palate has a hard time articulating. In a word: wonderful.
  • Seeing the very bemused look on the barista’s face when I asked her to pose with Toto (see above picture). Actually this is only sort of a highlight because Danes are really hip and I really felt like a dork asking.
  • being mistaken by a group of customers as a barista- I wish.

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