Hotel Nazar in Selçuk

Today Dad and I flew down to Izmir and hopped on a bus to Selçuk to see the ruins of ancient Ephesus. Long-time readers of this blog will recall I went there 3 years ago, but this was my first time to visit without being part of a tour group (tour group = lameness).

A couple of my roommates who had stayed in Selçuk before recommended Hotel Nazar, a modest but pleasant family-run hotel near St. John’s Basilica.  Free lift to the ruins, kahvaltı (traditional breakfast), and wifi are a few of the perks.  Normally, I’m a meticulous  researcher, but this little weekend trip snuck up on me, so I was thankful to have some inside information.

The rooms are sparse but comfortable, and after staying in a lavish resort in Antalya 2 weeks ago, I am quite thankful for the simplicity.  I checked online and there are some pretty harsh reviews out there- mostly relating to personal interaction with the owners (perhaps not understanding cultural differences?). Regardless, we’ve yet to have any Bates-esque experiences.

It’s a great place for the minimalist Turkophile with a penchent for archeology and biblical history.

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