It was in college as I struggled through Koine Greek that I first discovered the arduous joy of reading a text in the original language.  For the first time I am attempting to read a novel of the non-children’s variety in Turkish. Kar or Snow is my favorite novel by acclaimed Turkish author Orhan Pamuk. I’ve been struggling through the original Türkçe at the rate of 2 pages a week, but it’s been a pure joy. I realize that only 2 or 3 of my readers will appreciate the following exert, but I want to share it anyway because it is so hauntingly beautiful.

“Kar rüyalarda yağdığı gibi uzun uzun, sessizce yağarken cam kenarında oturan yolcu yıllardır tutkuyla aradığı masumiyet ve saflık duygularıya arındı ve kendini bu dünyada evinde hissedebileceğine iyimserlikle inandı.”

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  1. Ozgur says:

    brother, this is so good! I am proud of you for such attempts and sounds like a pretty successful so far. I remember reading KJV couple months after I came to the US, it took more than couple months for sure to understand most of it!

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