The Foodies’ Guide to Istanbul: Mano Burger

There’s a ton of awesome food blogs highlighting all of the incredible Turkish food Istanbul has to offer (Istanbul Eats is a personal favorite of mine). But let’s face it, man does not live on tavuk şiş alone, so for all you expats and adventurous locals, I’m starting a blog serious to highlight some of the best non-Turkish restaurants in Istanbul, most of which my friends and I found through trial and error.

Mano Burger has some prime real estate, right on the Tünel side of Istiklal Caddesi.  If you know where Gloria Jean’s is, it’s three or four shops over. And I know what you’re thinking, “Really Michael? Burgers?!? Real adventurous.” *dripping sarcasm*  Look, I was incredulous too when my roommate Seth told me that he had an incredible burger in Taksim at a place that plays late 90s country music, but he was right!  The portions are generous, the prices are fair, the atmosphere is hip, and most importantly, the food is delicious.  

Chicken burger if you’re trying to healthy…er….ish.The “tango” seasoning on the fries is delicious.

Celiacs be sure to ask for it to be”ekmeksiz”.

Expect to spend between 12-17 TL. I usually get the double Mano burger (cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, lettuce), without the bun of course.


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