In My Cup

El Salvador La Montañita

Producer // Antonio René Aguilar Lemus

Farm //  La Montañita

Region // Cantón, El Tunel

Varietal // Bourbon

Process // Honey-Process

Tasting Notes // Papaya, Sorbet, Vanilla
Cup Characteristics:

La Montañita is sweet and crystal clear in the cup.  The tropical and floral notes of Papaya and Vanilla meld together beautifully (hence the sorbet component) to make this a stand-out Salvadoran coffee.

Sourcing Information:

This lot from Chalatenango in the Northwestern part of El Salvador is a product of two generations’ hard work and love of coffee.  Antonio René Aguilar Lemus inherited La Montañita from his father who had owned the farm since the 1930s.  Their foresight led them to advancements on the farm including not only their own wet mill and fermentation tanks, but separate canals for isolating different lots.  This ability to keep coffees separated has not only helped them to learn more about their coffees and where they are grown, but also earned them a 3rd place ranking in the 2010 Cup of Excellence (as well as previous accolades).  An environmentally conscious farmer, Antonio does not use pesticides, uses organic fertilizers and controls weeds in the finca manually. This coffee was shipped in GrainPro bags to preserve its quality.

Got to love what Verve Coffee Roasters are doing on the West Coast.

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