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Miraç Kandili

Tonight is Miraç Kandili, or Isra and Mi’raj in Arabic, the Islamic Holy Night that commemorates a journey taken by the Prophet Muhammad.  According to Sura 17, and later developed by several Hadiths, Muhammad was taken to “the furthest mosque” (believed to be in … Continue reading

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Bike Commuting in Istanbul

Couple of strategies for bike commuting in Istanbul I’ve learned over the past year: Know your route. you need to use 100% of attention to watch what people/cars/buses/teyzes are doing around you. if you’re looking for your turn, you’re probably … Continue reading

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I’m Against the Metric System

If for no other reason than the aesthetic value of Justin Vernon’s lyric: “I could see for miles, miles, miles.” You can’t convert that into kilometers. Bon Iver – Holocene @ Fallon 2011 danydance30

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Sailing to Byzantium

Somehow, it’s fitting that I was reading this poem several weeks ago as I flew from Dublin to Istanbul. I There is no country for old men. The young                       … Continue reading

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Bon Iver

Pretty excited about this album coming out tomorrow.

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I upped the SPF, constantly reapplied, put on a t-shirt when not in the water, and still could not avoid a very thorough sunburn. Thankfully there are no burgundy splotches like last year, but I do believe I have more surface … Continue reading

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God’s Pilgrim People

Recently stumbled upon this quote South African theologian David Bosch. “The Church is viewed as the people of God and by implication then, as a pilgrim church…It is ek-klesia, “called out” of the world, and sent back into the world. … Continue reading

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