Third Floor Espresso, Dublin

Third Floor Espresso. I’m not sure when or how I first heard about them, but I remember reading about their Tasting/Drinking menu and thinking it was very clever.  Then I heard this podcast and realized that top notch specialty coffee and Irish hospitality was an incredible combination, and after that I wanted to go there to be served coffee, not just taste it.  Conversely, in the States, one often has to endure a fair amount of condescension  just to get a properly extracted espresso (of course there are notable exceptions.)

3FE is hosted in the Twisted Pepper, a concert venue that seems to focus on under-the-radar EDM, so the interior is something like your local dive bar.  It’s a slightly odd environment for a coffeeshop, but somehow they pull it off.  Like most shops in Europe, espresso drinks are the most popular, but I was excited to find out 3FE is also passionate about filter coffee. In fact, 3FE was the first shop in Europe to get an Uber Boiler (the Holy Grail of slow drip coffee), and they are now training other shops in Dublin how to do filter coffee well.

Over the course of our four days in Dublin, 3FE served as our launching pad for our daily outings. We met a lot of great people and got a lot of tips and recommendations for other things worth seeing/eating/drinking. We also drank A LOT of coffee, usually 3-4 drinks a visit.

Here are my tasting notes.  All the coffee was roasted by the fantastic Has Bean Coffee:

  • El Salvador Batalla COE . Floral and clean with an impossibly sweet finish. Had this as an espresso, cappuccino, and bought a bag of whole bean to brew as filter coffee at home. Wonderful as all three.  One of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted.
  • Malawi Viphya Geisha.  Sweet, creamy, citrus. lemony tart as espresso, super rich chocolate in milk .
  • Brazil Sao Judas. Chocolate, honeycomb. Tasted this as a filter coffee (Chemex).
  • Kenya Kaguyu AA. Apricots and Peaches. Tasted this in a  side-by-side tasting (Chemex). Now enjoying it home with my V60.
  • El Salvador – La Fany Bourbon. Chocolate and caramel. Really stinkin’ good. Drank this in the side-by-side with the Kenyen.
  • Mystery cold brew. Not even Colin could remember which coffee they cold brewed.  It was super floral and delicious, so I’m guessing it was the Batalla.

Big thanks to all the baristas, especially Jen and Jordan, who took time to talk about the coffees they were serving, as well as just being very polite and helpful.


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5 Responses to Third Floor Espresso, Dublin

  1. badgley says:

    Don’t forgot Luck Bros

  2. Have you been to our store? Saw the link on your post here and appreciate the kind word.

    • Yes , I visited your store in the Strip district back in the summer of 2009. I’ve had a lot of great specialty coffee all over America and Europe, but it’s the visits where I had really great interaction with the staff that stick with me.

      I got a cappuccino and had a short conversation with one of the baristas (maybe you?!?) about the importance of quality milk. Pittsburgh is an awesome city, I hope to visit again.

  3. Cat B says:

    You did go there! So did I, because you told me too. I have a picture of it… that maybe you never saw….

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