It probably has something to do with growing up with two brothers and being homeschooled, but I love games. From mass produced classics such as Risk and Trivial Pursuit to more specialty options like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, we played everything.  As far as we were concerned, the geekier the better (well to a certain extent, nothing this bad).

The problem is I now live on the other side of an ocean from my two brothers and our other nerd friends and most of my friends here are of the “cool kid” persuasion and enjoy doing things outdoors and in the sunshine (where pale, fragile kids such as myself burn and get hurt).

Thankfully the the Italian-created, wild west themed card game Bang! appeals to all of us. It’s easy to explain. Game play is fast.  It’s also a lot of fun.

Players are randomly assigned certain roles- The Outlaws are trying to kill the Sheriff, the Sheriff and his deputies are trying to kill the Outlaws and Renegade, and the Renegade (my personal favorite) only wins if he/she is the last person standing.  Players can “Bang!” an opponent to take away their life, drink a beer to regain life, and use a variety of objects and weapons to gain abilities.  Indian attacks and a Russian roulette-like dynamite card add a little chaos to the mix.

In other words, if you’re not playing this game yet, you should be.


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One Response to Bang!

  1. Glad that you find BANG! to be a gun game. I also love its theme, and the gameplay overall is pretty good. One thing many BANG! players, including myself, have struggled with is the player elimination–especially when it occurs at times in the first round. One unofficial expansion, Death Mesa, has been created to address this issue. If you ever dislike the player elimination element, I recommend giving it a try! Go to:

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