After finishing the Brothers K I’ve had the desire to read something a little more contemporary- but I wasn’t sure what. I must have looked at dozen novels around town before I saw this one at the Virgin Megastore in Taksim.  I read the first page and knew it was for me.  It combines my love for rough neighborhoods, minority subcultures, and of course England- hard to imagine a better setting for a novel.

The book reads something like Catcher in the Rye, only with Indians and Pakistanis, and instead of working hard in school like their American counterparts, they act like thugs and use a bunch of slang I’ve never heard stateside.  Every line of dialogue has at least one “innit” (from ‘isn’t it’- for my colonial readers).

It’s a compelling story, even if it feels a bit borrowed at times. At the rate I’m turning pages, I should have it done in a few days.


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One Response to Londonstani

  1. how could you not love a book that includes ‘innit’ in its dialague. I hope it includes the ‘are you right, yeh’ also a favourite of Londoners.

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