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  It probably has something to do with growing up with two brothers and being homeschooled, but I love games. From mass produced classics such as Risk and Trivial Pursuit to more specialty options like Settlers of Catan and Ticket … Continue reading

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Tour De France

Normally I detest watching television, but there is one exception and that is sports.  And one of the many benefits of living (technically) on the European continent is getting to watch the Tour De France live at a decent hour. … Continue reading

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The Foodie’s Guide to Istanbul: Miss Pizza

The word “gourmet” has become pretty cliche. It’s essentially been co-opted by the industrialized food marketing machine to mean “a useless filler adjective that may motivate you to buy our crap product.” Admittedly “stale, burnt C-grade coffee” doesn’t soundly nearly … Continue reading

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Summer time and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Something about summer time makes me want to play the Pains of Being Pure at Heart incessantly. Their glistening synths, driving basslines, jangly guitars, and moanish vocals are a lovely soundtrack for sunshine, bike rides, weekend trips to the beach, and … Continue reading

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Jubalson “Come Back Son”

One of the things I miss about living in Louisville, which I maintain is the most underrated city in the US, is the great community of singer/songwriters.  Bluegrass and Appalachian music are indigenous to Kentucky, and Louisville, more Midwestern than … Continue reading

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Expat life

Im celebrating our nation’s birthday in the capital, Ankara. Every year there’s a big party on the military base, and I’ve been wanting to check out Turkey’s poltical center for a while. I’m excited because: Root beer. To be quite … Continue reading

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