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(Late) Summer Reading List: The Possessed

I once picked up a copy of The New Yorker in a doctor’s office as an adolescent and was baffled, mostly because it was a magazine for adults that had comics which weren’t particularly funny.  I was confused as to who the … Continue reading

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We climbed a mountain in Abant, Turkey today. At the top we met a shepherd named Ismail with a modest herd of goats and sheep. He was nice enough to let me take some photos.

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N.T. Wright on How to Read the Bible

The Whole Sweep of Scripture, by N.T. Wright. from Reality Adorn on Vimeo. I’ve been posting an inordinate amount of videos lately, but this one was too good not to share. Seriously, I love everything this man has to say. … Continue reading

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Parkour in Mardin

It’s official. I need to get to Mardin.

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Things like this make me excited. HT: Trackosaurus Rex

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The Last Role of Kodachrome at Istanbul Modern

Kodachrome film defined color photography in the 20th century.  Heck, Paul Simon even wrote a song about it.  But as digital photography has all but replaced 35mm, Kodak made the decision to discontinue its production.  The last roll made was bequeathed to … Continue reading

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Official video for “Holocene”

BON IVER “Holocene” from nabil elderkin on Vimeo. Bon Iver’s new music video just debuted… on National Geographic’s website of all places. Still, the video is as hauntingly beautiful as the original song, which is really quite incredible.

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Athens Street Art

It may have been because all the shops were closed (and thus all the security doors down), but one of the first things that struck me about Athens was all the street art. Here’s some of the more interesting ones … Continue reading

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A Game of Chess

I played chess with my old friend Korby at Booze Cooperativa today. I’m glad we actually found a cafe that’s open, as highly acclaimed Cafe Taf and and Athens 3rd Wave newcomer Tailor Made were both closed for the week. … Continue reading

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Acropolis and Agora

So it turns out the August 15th (the day I arrived in Greece), is a public holiday (it’s the day the Orthodox church commemorates the Virgin Mary ascending into heaven) and literally the entire city shuts down.  Thankfully all the … Continue reading

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