The Last Role of Kodachrome at Istanbul Modern

Kodachrome film defined color photography in the 20th century.  Heck, Paul Simon even wrote a song about it.  But as digital photography has all but replaced 35mm, Kodak made the decision to discontinue its production.  The last roll made was bequeathed to iconic photographer Steve McCurry, who shot the role in New York, India, Istanbul, and Lawrence, Kansas- the last place that still develops the film. The exhibition recently came to Istanbul Modern and I was really glad to see it person. A personal favorite was McCurry’s portrait of Ara Güler, the Turkish photographer who showed the world a previously unseen side of Istanbul.  Read more about “The Last Roll of Kodachrome” on McCurry’s personal blog.


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2 Responses to The Last Role of Kodachrome at Istanbul Modern

  1. brilliant photo! but i have to admit that i love the phrase “the eye of istanbul” a lot more than the photo. this is what makes him an icon beyond merely a portrait.

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