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Bike to Work for my Birthday

I’m excited to see that the city of Louisville is promoting Bike to Work Day, which just so happens to be on my birthday this year.  I don’t want to get preachy, but I really believe cycling is the most ergonomic … Continue reading

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After I had known Julie for 2 weeks I knew I wanted to marry her. Amazingly when I asked her to be my wife on Sunday she said yes! Right now I simultaneously feel humbled, nervous, excited, giddy, and a … Continue reading

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The Rest of the Story

This Idido Natural Sundried Yirgacheffe that Julie brough me from Counter Culture Coffee (by way of Raleigh 3rd Wave fav Jubala), is, simply put, an incredible coffee. It’s unbelievably sweet, super clean, bursting with berries and minor but clear citrus … Continue reading

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Istanbul Streetz: Vol 3

This street art is right off Istiklal Caddesi, heading down towards Tophane.  This Montana dude has quite a bit of work around town, and with autumn quickly arriving, sharing this Halloween themed piece felt appropriate. My favorite part of this … Continue reading

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Concepcion Huista

This is where the coffee I’m drinking right now came from. HT: Counter Culture

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For all of Istanbul’s charm, the seemingly endless urban sprawl and horrific traffic jams can be a little overwhelming for even the more enamored Turkophile. But amazingly just a short ferry ride from the Asian shore (or long ferry ride … Continue reading

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Newbigin on Capitalism

“The driving power of capitalism… is the desire of the individual to better his material condition. It is the unleashing of this power from the restraints imposed by traditional Christian morality that has transformed static societies into the dynamic and … Continue reading

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Expat Life

Anyone who has ever lived overseas and tried to get a residence permit, get something through customs, get a tax number, renew their resident permit, or anything else involving bureaucracy will find this video really funny. I know I did.

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On Cultural Differences: Washing Hands

The longer I’m in Turkey, the more I realize how hopelessly culturally inappropriate I am. I like to think I’ve come a long way- at least far enough to realize that so many of my initial presumptions were mistaken.  It’s … Continue reading

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Istanbul Streetz: Vol 2

I like this artist’s take on Islamic calligraphy. I also like the Panda. You can find it near the hospital in Galata.  

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