Mesopotamian Dramaturgies

Arter is quickly becoming one of my favorite galleries in Istanbul, and the latest exhibit by Turkish filmmaker and visual artist Kutluğ Ataman is a big reason why. Mesopotamian Dramaturgies is a mostly digital installation that focuses on portraying the marginalized inhabitants of Anatolia. I was especially moved by “Column”. Even though the piece speaks for itself, the artist statement gave me an extra dimension of appreciation:

“‘Column’ is a video sculpture inspired by the Trajan Column in Rome, revisited in the Eastern context.  It is a tower constructed with used TV monitors facing outwards, with each one showing the expressive face of a villager from Eastern Turkey, all of whom are completely and decidedly silent. It is an attempt by the artist to tell a story without any narration as well as a tribute to the history of Anatolian peoples silenced in political, economical and cultural oppression throughout the entire history of the region.”


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