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Processing Coffee in Kenya by TW

Processing coffee in Kenya from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo. Tim Wendelboe just put out this great little video about coffee harvesting in Kenya. As an avid coffee consumer, I find it odd that the overwhelming majority of online discussion and … Continue reading

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My Old Kentucky Adopted Home

  I object to Louisville being called a Southern city.* Granted, it’s not uncommon to hear a Southern drawl from some of the city’s inhabitants, but Kentucky never seceded from the Union and a large part of the Louisville area … Continue reading

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Line of Sight

Lucas Brunelle is insane. If you don’t believe me, read his recent interview in Bicycling Magazine. Still, even if you aren’t an anarchist thrill seeker, you’ve got to admit the guy has guts.

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Boxing Day

My Christmas present to myself this year is a long overdue new pair of shoes. When it comes to footwear I’m kind of notorious for choosing form over function. Whether it be my brown Sperry Topsiders or my olive Toms, I rarely … Continue reading

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My 5 Fav Albums in 2011

5. Cut Copy, Zonoscope Picking my number five was my hardest choice because I could have put a lot of albums here. This is my favorite five- not a “best of”- so I chose to settle the score with total … Continue reading

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Madcap V60 video

Hario V60 from Hybrid Media Co. on Vimeo. The Hario V60 is my favorite way to brew coffee. It makes an incredibly clean cup that really brings out the complexities of the coffee (provided you’re brewing good coffee of course!). … Continue reading

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CHI Town

In January of 2009 I went on a road trip to Chicago with 8 of the best friends I’ve ever had. The entire time Michael Scott Daniel was taking video footage… with his Macbook, often open as we walked down … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… New Year’s?

It’s getting chilly, chestnuts are being roasted on open fires/food carts, and artificial trees with ornaments are popping up all over the city, it must almost be… New Year’s.  Turkey as a Muslim majority country doesn’t celebrate Christmas but Turkey as … Continue reading

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Just in time for the Holidays

Intelli’s new seasonal bags look really sharp.  Almost as nice as what’s inside.  I’ll take a micro-lot over a holiday blend any day.  

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Everyone knows the feeling: it’s late at night, it’s been a long day, and you want to relax with a hot beverage.  Coffee, though the most complex and wonderful of all beverages, doesn’t exactly fit the bill.  I do on … Continue reading

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